Why Italianpreneurs?

Italianpreneurs was born from the need to improve awareness and professional sharing from both the worker and the entrepreneur’s point of view.

For the work

Italianpreneurs was born from the need to improve awareness and professional sharing from both the worker and the entrepreneur’s point of view.
We live in an era where the abuse of the innovation rhetoric often takes us away from reality. We have chosen to be silent and to listen, exploring the world of work and giving voice to those who create it.
The Italianpreneurs.com blog gathers the voices of Italian entrepreneurs through video interviews, with the aim of stimulating people to find their own why“All of us, in our work path, are entrepreneurs of ourselves!”
Work is at the center of our lives and, each of us, whatever his role, has the right and duty to give it the right value.
Only by improving awareness of our own doing and by increasing internal communication within companies we can get a space and a working time to be proud of.

For the University

Italianpreneurs wants to bring Italian entrepreneurial stories into the most important Universities, through case histories and dedicated events, with the collaboration of a network of professors and entrepreneurs.
Students will have the opportunity to acquire concrete information, which comes from the world of work, through the voice of entrepreneurs, and to have a direct conversation with them.
On the other hand, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to stay updated on the research areas of their interest, through dialogue with those who actually innovate.

For Italy

Italianpreneurs is a “Made FOR Italy”  project: for us, giving voice and visibility to those who work is a socio-cultural act, a patriotic stance.
Italy is constitutionally founded on work.
Those who are determined to achieve the best version of their professional self, actively contribute to the improvement of their work environment, their family and their nation.
And Italy today definitely needs this.

The 3 i

IdIdentity, interaction and inspiration are three key concepts for the spirit of Italianpreneurs
Identity – The company is the history and culture of a territory.

When surrounded by others who share the same passions and objectives, a strong sense of belonginess and cohesion is created. Italy expresses unique and original values of our civilization: family, friendship, inventiveness, art and initiative.

Interaction – Enhancing human and financial resources.

The strength and solidity of a company does not derive only from the products or services, but from the degree of cohesion of the members of the group. This is why it is essential to create a working environment that puts people first.

Inspiration – Knowledge comes from experience.

To make sure a message has a real impact, which influences behaviors, it is necessary to communicate an ideal, a creed or a higher purpose, to whom those having similar values can relate.