Licio Maschio Borgoscuro Acquaviti

Licio Maschio, Borgoscuro Acquaviti, underlines how starting from the experience gained in the family business, he found a company, which would enhance the high craftsmanship of distillation, in a market where industrial products made the lion’s share .

The entrepreneurial adventure begins

I am Licio Maschio, the owner of Borgoscuro, a company that produces excellent spirits, continuing a more than century-old tradition.

I was born in the house/workshop, where since I was a child I breathed the aromas of the pomace and the fragrant aromas of grappa. At an early age I began my internship under the guidance of my father, from the collection of the marcs to the fascinating management of the stills. After graduating in economics from the Ca ‘Foscari University in Venice, I began my career in the marketing world, developing projects of innovative spirits with the aim of developing, of growing the traditional market of our grappa in a period in which esterophilia was predominant.

It was from these experiences, from this knowledge that came the most important decision: the one of founding a company, Borgoscuro, that would enhance the high craft of distillation, in a market in which industrial products played the part of the lion. I instead understood that the future has to go through the craftsmanship that has always distinguished Italian products, and the goal of Borgoscuro was that of creating a grappa in which the absence, the total elimination of impurities wouldn’t affect the aromatic integrity, thus delivering the quintessence of grappa.

The money to start

I got the money from my savings, during the years of work in the family business I put aside a small capital that I totally invested in this adventure. It was a little bit crazy because I went from an industrial project to an artisan one, the opposite of what usually happens. But I risked everything and I’m very happy that I did so even though in these years the economic return has not yet been achieved. However, that’s fine, we look forward to the future.

A negative and a positive event

The negative episode is called September 2008, the financial crisis born from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers created a very difficult market situation, dramatic for us, because at the same time also came out the law that regulated the consumption of alcoholic beverages while driving. For two months we didn’t receive a single order, the market was totally blocked.

A very complex situation to which we responded with consistency, with our principles and we didn’t compromise with the market and with quality and in the end the facts proved us right.

The beautiful moments have been many and have been especially those when our customers confirm the appreciation for the quality of our products.

Doing business in Italy

Doing business in Italy is mainly expressing ourselves. Each of us has a wealth of knowledge, experiences, attitudes that must enhance. The most important heritage that we, Italians, have is culture, culture meant as the realization of beauty, of knowing how to do things well. It is the result of centuries of experiences linked to our territory, to the beauty of the territory, to the monuments, to the history, to the enogastronomic riches, values that allow us to do many things well, much better than other Countries. A heritage, a culture that the whole world envies, we try to enhance our heritage, these differences compared to other countries that allow us to be competitive and appreciated all over the world.

The key traits of an entrepreneur

The job of the entrepreneur is a beautiful profession, because it allows you to do what you believe in and what you are good at. It is clear that the skills of determination, of constancy in work, of knowledge of the market, of culture are needed, but a lot of balance is also required. I believe that it is one of the fundamental aspects, because it allows you not to get overconfident when things go well and to not get knocked down during harsh times when you would sometimes want to give up everything.

And another important thing is that companies are shaped by those who run them, the entrepreneur, his attitude towards his collaborators, because he affects them, because if you want them to be honest, efficient, fair, you must be one to do it first.

The future for the new generations

A recommendation that I give to young people is to enhance their heritage, remembering that the most important heritage that we have in Italy is culture. And then of course also uncover new horizons with experiences abroad, the knowledge of English.

An advice that I then give not to young people, but to entrepreneurs towards their children, is to not let them work immediately in the company with roles of responsibility. Making experiences outside, as an employee somewhere else, I think is one of the most important and useful formations for a young man. Obviously commitment, effort, sacrifice are also decisive factors to be successful.

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